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Julian of Norwich

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

The piece I am currently working on for the "Medieval Monuments" group does not, strictly speaking, belong there. Instead of a brass monument, the reference image is a painting of Julian of Norwich, in the church of Ss Andrew and Mary, Langham, Norfolk. It does, however, correspond with the group in terms of subject matter, as well as aesthetically.

I have not been able to determine the date of this painting, but the church itself dates from the 14th century, and it appears to me that the piece is contemporaneous. For that reason I like to think that this depiction is the closest to being a faithful depiction of the woman who lived from 1342 to 1416.

Since this piece will be the tenth in that series, I will then concentrate on building the St Hildegard of Bingen group. But this piece also points to a fourth group that I am planning, one which will require the use of my own compositions (since there are no reference images).

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