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St. Jean de Brebeuf

In 2020, I plan to build up the new "Civitate Dei" series, and I begin the New Year with St. Jean de Brebeuf.

This series will be an evolution of the "medieval effigies" group. The pieces will have the same oblong, vertical dimensions (usually 9" x 27") with similar hieratic depictions of the whole figure. The designs will be original, however, since I will not have brass effigies to use as references. These designs will be informed by existing depictions or biographical details about the subjects, and will include symbolic elements around the figures.

Moreover, the style will evolve somewhat, as I look to Byzantine full-figure icons, as well as Gothic sculpture for inspiration. The video below is a very short introduction to the life of St. Jean de Brebeuf, illustrated with drawings by the Canadian painter William Kurelek. It also explains some of the symbolism included in my piece.

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