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Man and Cosmos

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

For the latest piece in Hildegard of Bingen series, I returned to one of the most well-known of her illuminations: the Lucca Manuscript illustration of her vision of man and the cosmos.

Early on in this project I've dubbed "Pictis Lignum" (using oils on carved wood to explore sacred themes), before even beginning the "Into Great Silence" series, I tackled this same illumination.

But when I picked up the theme again of Hildegard's illuminations late last year, I decided that I would use - for this group - weathered pieces of wood found at the Leslie Street Spit (the spit is still an active landfill site). In addition to that, I believe that I'm closer to my goal of allowing the wood itself to shine in its unique materiality. For these reasons, I felt motivated to re-interpret this illuniation.

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