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Arriving Where I started

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Back in 2015, shortly after finishing the St. Michael the Archangel piece (see bottom of "Inspirations" page) I began the St Hildegard of Bingen series with a rendering of the famous "Caritas" image from the Lucca manuscript of her Libor Divinorum Operum. Before returning to that series in recent months, I went on to begin the other two groups involved in this project. The gap in technical approach between 2015 and today seemed wide enough to warrant reworking my "Caritas". Not only do I feel that the wood within the image is now more prominent, I have since discovered the advantage of using salvaged wood from a landfill site. I'm not sure about the success of my attempt to "weather" the wood around the image, but after sanding, some re-carving and repainting, overall it does now seem more consistent with the rest of the group.

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